I can't thank you enough, Mr. Bryan! You were part of my father's last birthday/Christmas gift to my mother as he neared his death (12/29/20). You showed such compassion as I teared up at the counter while looking at the floating opal pendant I purchased on my dad's behalf. And ... I will be forever grateful for they way you assisted my mom when she stopped in with a small issue (not your shop's responsibility); it truly made her day. You have no idea how many people we already have told about your wonderful service. We will be back. Read More
Every piece of jewelry I own has been bought at Bryan jewelry. The best service and selection anywhere. Thank you for years and years of joy and beautiful sparkly things! Love your store. Read More
I had a painful wasp sting to my ring finger! The next day the swelling had began and with the Covid-19 around, I certainly did not want to have to go to the ER and have my ring cut off. I made it to Bryan's right at closing time on ... the day they were ordered to close up. Two minutes later, my ring was off! Thank you and I will be at your door when it opens! Read More
When it came time to propose to my fiancée (My girlfriend said yes), the first step was finding THE RING. The first and last place I went was Bryant Jewelers. My family has always counted on Bryant’s for our forever moments. The search for the perfect ring overwhelmed me, but ... at Bryant’s I first met Randy who was an incredible help. Randy asked questions I never considered, listened to my needs, and gave me his valuable time so I could select the perfect engagement ring. While at Bryant’s I felt at home. When it was time to buy the ring, Mrs. Lynn Young helped me through her vast collection. Mrs. Lynn is a master at hearing your heart then matching your wishes to the perfect ring. My family will always go to Bryant’s Jewelers. Trust your forever moments to Bryant’s. Your selection process will be just as exciting and giving it to the one you love. Many thanks to all at Bryant’s and especially Mrs. Lynn in being a part of my engagement. Read More
AWESOME ....caring people. I trust the Bryan family. Thanks much for all you do...I am a repeat customer from diamonds to watch batteries...customer service is the BEST. Jan Read More
We have traveled to many places and whenever we need a piece of jewelry or a gift, we always return to Bryan's Jewelry. Everyone in the store is so very helpful. You can be sure that they will find axactly what you want. Their new store is beautiful and a ... pleasure to look around. We love Bryan's Jewelry. They are a great family. Read More
I've been a customer of Bryan Jewelry for many years and I've been very happy with them. They have a wide selection of high quality items and if I ever need anything, they are more than willing to get it for me. They've even made a lovely ring to my ... specifications. Their pricing is comparable to other jewelry stores, but I trust them completely so I'd even pay a little more if I had to to get their knowledge and expertise. I recommend them to people all the time! Read More
I go to Bryan Jewelry for my rings, earrings, watches, bracelets and lots of other types of jewelry. I've had pieces repaired before andy they've always done a fantastic job. The staff is always very knowledgeable and friendly and helps me out whenever I need it. Bryan Jewelry is a ... great place to go, definitely check it out. Read More
I've been going to Bryan Jewelry for two years and over that time period I've Purchased a diamond ring and a new watch. When I bought those two items everyone I talked to was very knowledgeable of their selection and very helpful when it came time to decide what to ... get. these jewelers really know wahat they are doing! Read More
The lsast time I was in Bryan Jewelry I needed to get a watch battery. In the past I've gotten earrings, wedding rings, chains and other jewelry, so I've been a long time customer. Everyone at Bryan Jewelry is very helpful and really works to help you find the perfect ... item for your needs. Fantastic jewelers that helped me find out just what I needed. Read More
I've gotten rings, earrings, bracelets and a few other pieces of jewelry from Bryan Jewelry and I couldn't be happier with not only the qualiy of the jewelry, but the great service I always get when I'm there. I've had a lot of my jewelry repaired and checked by the ... great staff at Bryan Jewelry because I trust them. They check my jewelry all the time and do a great job, so I never have to go anywhere else to get it checked. They are providing a great service to everyone in Prattville. Read More
My husband bought my engagement ring from Bryan Jewelry 6 years ago and every time I go out somewhere someone almost always compliments me on it. The brilliance of it is just as pretty as it was the day I got it. They were so knowledgeable as far as telling ... me how to take care of it and what sort of things to keep it away from. They really helped me to keep it looking just as beautiful years down the road. We've gone back to buy other jewelry on special occasions and I've had all positive experiences every time I've been in their shop, whether we bought anything or not. Read More
I don't buy jewelry from anyone other than Bryan Jewelry! They're staff is excellent at helping me find exactly what I'm looking for, and if they don't happen to have it, they'll just order it. I've also had them repair, clean and engrave jewelry for me and I've been pleased ... with everything overall! Read More
Everything went off without a hitch. She absolutely loves the ring. I can't thank you and your people enough. You have a customer for life...maybe not a big ticket item customer, but a customer nonetheless. Anyway, thanks again. We'll be in touch again for the wedding bands.
I received a beautiful diamond ring from my uncle and aunt as a birthday gift from your jewelry store. I have been flashing it to all my friends. Thanks!
Thank you for working so hard to get the ring to me in time so I could present it to my wife on our anniversary day. You and your staff are great!!! I am so pleased that I made my purchase with you. Read More

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